Golden Week and Mother’s Day Event 2018


AQUA BELLA All Day Dining

Celebration Flower Lunch Buffet  
Spring salad with edible flowers, rice vermicelli noodles with shrimps and elderflower, floral-dressed carpaccio of island octopus, flower roll cake, rose tart and other seasonally-inspired desserts from the buffet.

Period:May 3th (Thursday)〜May 5th(Saturday)
Time  :11:30AM~2:00PM 
Price  :2,400 JPY

【Kid’s Day Special Offer】
1:  One adult customer can bring one child (under 13) , the child gets free offer.
2:  The child can have a grap of sweets taking back home as a present.


Ocean Cafe

【Limited only 10 dishes are served per day 】Coral-Color Blue Sea Curry Rice
Pink curry infused with superfoods including beetroot and blue pea flower risotto.

Period:April 28th (Saturday)~6th(Sunday) 
Time  :9:30AM~9:30PM 
Price  :1,700 JPY

*Advanced reservation for each restaurant is recommended.



Clown’s Greeting&Face paint

Clown’s Greeting
The clown will show up in Manza! Everyone will be enchanted with the magical balloon performance!

Face Paint
Paint one point on face and arms. easily clean it rinsing with water, as the paint is made with gentle aqueous elements to the skin.

Period:May 3rd(Thursday)〜May 5th(Saturday)
Time  :6:00PM〜9:00PM
Place  :Hotel Building Around the lobby


*All prices are in Japanese Yen, subject to 8% consumption tax and 13% service charge.
*Event contents and time are subject to change without notice.

Advanced reservation for each restaurant is recommended.
Reservation: 098-966-2212 (09:00-18:00)




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