Urumo Spa (Aroma treatment)

The international award-winning Urumo Spa advocates to balance your mind, body and spirit from the unique marine products hand-selected to allow you to feel the full mineral essence of Manza's beautiful ocean. A Spa journey to treasure, truly one-of-a-kind..
Urumo' means "coral" / "algae" in Okinawan dialect..Chura Umi ( beautiful ocean) at Manza is full of mineral essences.
In addition,"algologie", a skin care brand from Bretagne, France who is the master of marine biotechnology have created a special line of products exclusively for our Urumo Spa.

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Chura Umi Thalasso Treatment

For thalasso treatment please book in prior time as we also offer a Marine jacuzzi bath as option for ( 30 min /3,000 yen)

Relax Program

A program where you can enjoy Thalassotherapy experience from back treatments promote relaxation and fulfilling despite the short period of time. Performs head treatment removes dead skin of the whole body in mineralization (Mineral) aimed at tarasosera peace Club, purified and then get rid of the head tension.

60 min
15,500 yen
Sea scrub with Churaumi water -> Marine pack treatment -> Head treatment

Beauty-Up Program

It is a based on thalassotherapy method program to beautify yourself. Thalasso therapy scrub removes the old keratin of the whole body including the face, cleanse and nourishes it into youthful beautiful skin.

75 min
21,000 yen
Sea scrub with Churaumi water -> Aging care Thalasso therapy facial-> Eye care treatment

Recovery Program

Our Churaumi Thalassotheraphy program aism to eal those in need of physical and mental recovery through
relaxation,energy supplementation and detoxification.Enjoy a seaweed pack on our entire back after we scrub
dead skin cells from your entire body leaving your skin and silky smooth. More treatment on the back of the detox process after all relaxing. this is also available in our spacious Spa suite room

90 min
23,500 yen
Sea scrub with Churaumi water ->Recovery thalasso therapy-> Body mask ->Marine pack treatment

Mineralization Program

A Mineralization program to feel the ocean and incorporate the grace of the sea into the body. It is Urumo spa standard program that is detoxified & refreshed from thalassotherapy scrub to body treatment, facial, body and mind.

120 min
31,000 yen
Sea scrub with Chura umi water -> Marine body treatment -> Aging care thallaso therapy facial

Signature program

'This program that you can feel the Thalasso Therapy naturally healing method that the spa recommends can be fully felt, through the marine sensation (feeling the ocean), mineral (mineralization) that brings in the bounty of the sea into the body. We use plenty of products blended with powerful thalassotherapy ingredients such as clear sea water of the Churaumi Sea, mineral-rich French sea salt, and algae that is excellent in metabolism and aging countermeasures.
After removing the old keratin in the whole body and purifying ,will apply the seaweed body pack that encourages energy replenishment to the whole body and remove the feeling of tension of the head with head treatment while wrapped in the heated heat mat. Then, with whole body treatment and aging care facial, it cleanses and activates the whole body including the face for cleansing and activates nourishes it to prepare youthful beautiful skin. It is a perfect signature program of Urumo Spa, aiming at the mineralization of the whole body. It is also available now in our spacious spa suite room.

180 min
44,500 yen
Sea scrub with Chura umi water -> Signature thalasso therapy Body mask -> Marine body treatment
Againg care treatment -> Aging care thallaso therapy facial

Marine Body Treatment (with Foot Bath)

Marine Relax Body with Essential Oil

It is a body treatment approaching mineral supplementation by marine extract, aroma oil that relaxes mind and body, and energy line that urges the flow.
It will promote the body energy and sense of relaxation.

  • 60 min (Back + Legs + Shoulder): 14,500 yen
  • 90 min (Whole body) :18,500 yen
  • 120 min (Whole body + Head ) : 24,500 yen

Marine Deep Work with Essential Oil

It is a body treatment to encourage the flow of aromatic oils relaxing mineral supplementation by marine extract , mentally and physically, and "Chi" energy line. Slowly due to strong strokes, exists in their own "energy" to lead to the best, you can enjoy the feeling of relaxation. We offer also for those who prefer strong oil treatment and is recommended for men as well.

  • 60 min (Back + Legs + Shoulder): 15,500 yen
  • 90 min (Whole body) :19,500 yen
  • 120 min (Whole body + Head ) : 25,500 yen

Marine Lymph Drainage Body with Essential Oil

Mineral supplementation by marine extract, aroma oil which promotes detoxification, and stroke along the flow of lymphs will bring up a whole body refresh.

  • 60 min (Back + Legs + Shoulder): 15,500 yen
  • 90 min (Whole body) :19,500 yen
  • 120 min (Whole body + Head ) : 25,500 yen

Marine facial treatment

Based on the counseling from the therapist will assist you to choose the proper menu for your treatment.

Marine Brightning Facial

Remove the old dead skin including melanin in the scrub mask, skin transparency and radiance to a bright white skin

  • 60 min Basic
  • (calluses care + mask): 14,500 yen
  • 75 min standard
  • (calluses care + double mask + eye lift): 18,000 yen
  • 90 mins specials
  • (calluses care + double mask + eye & face lift-up): 21,500 yen

Marine Lift-Up Facial

Activates the skin function from peel off mask with high tightening effect. Rejuvinate to rrepares a fresh skin and bright impression

  • 60 min Basic
  • (calluses care + mask): 15,500 yen
  • 75 min standard
  • (calluses care + double mask + eye lift): 19,500 yen
  • 90 mins specials
  • (calluses care + double mask + eye & face lift-up): 23,000 yen

Marine Anti-Aging Skin Care Facial

An aging care treatment for skin to encourage from the sign of aging. Prepares the youthful skin to approach the sign of any aging serum and mask a mixture rich in active ingredients to the skin, increase skin density, elasticity and firmness.

  • 60 mins Basic
  • (calluses care + mask): 16,000 yen
  • 75 min standard
  • (calluses care + double mask + eye lift): 20,000 yen
  • 90 mins specials
  • (calluses care + double mask + eye & face lift-up): 23,500 yen

Cool Moisture Facial

Gently soothe the skin that has been exposed to ultraviolet (UV) lights, moisturizes and creates a fresh skin.

  • 45 min : 13,000 yen

other treatment

Foot Reflexology
60 min
14,000 yen
A treatment from the sole to the calf stress point center. It is recommended for those who are concerned about fatigue and swelling legs.
Head Scalp
60 min
14,000 yen
Recommend for a daily fatigues and stressful treatment for center head, face and shoulder
Maternity Body
60 min 15,500 yen
90 min 19,500 yen
A whole body treatment during pregnancy for those who mainly perform a waist and legs fatigue.
*Please consult your doctor in advance. The treatment is for 20 weeks stable pregnancy and treatment may not receive due to condition.
In addition, please receive a counseling before you select the treatment because it may change due to physical condition.
Teenager Treatment
Foot & Head
45 min 12,500 yen
The teen ager treatment is for only over 12 years old and under 18 years old,
*Please be noted that we do not accept under 12 years children.
*Please use the teen ager treatment on the menu for over 12 years old and under 18 years old


Please use in conjunction with other menu.

Optional Mini Foot
30 min
9,000 yen
Recommended to soften the tension or swollen legs.
Optional Mini Head
30 min
9,000 yen
Recommended to soften the tension of the head and deeply relax.
Optional Mini Facial
30 min
9,000 yen
Prepares to a clean skin with a drainage technique. Highly recommended when you feel tired or swollen skin.

Spa gift ticket

Give the gift of the Spa experience to your family, friends or loved ones.
Get tickets by contacting Urumo Spa staff.
▶Inquiries about Spa

※All prices are in Japanese Yen, subject to consumption tax and 13% service charge.

Spa treatment is require for reservation. We will take reservation based on the room availability.

* Both men and women can receive all treatments. All treatment rooms are private rooms or pair rooms.

※ Non-stay guests are also available.

※ Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment in order to ensure a full session.

※ You can wear underwear (shorts) at the time of treatment. In addition, hygienic disposable shorts are also available at this spa. Oil may remain on your skin after treatment, so we recommend you to come in light clothing.

※ If you are receiving facial treatment, please remove the contact lens. (Please bring the necessary equipment by yourself)

※ Please informed in a head of time of reservation for those who has menstruation, high blood pressure, poor physical condition and allergies or those who are taking medicine and taking medication, alcohol, pregnant and nursing. Please understand that we may not proceed a treatment due to this matter.

No lockers are available in the Spa. Please note that regarding the valuable items lost or stolen will not be liable in the Spa.

※ If you would like to cancel your reservation, please contact us by the day before. Please note that we may charge a cancellation charge (100%) if you do not contact us beforehand.

If you have any questions or undecided treatment the therapist will advise or counsel you the suited treatment from the menu.

※ Prices are subject to change by Management without prior notice.

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