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Shell Beach Banquet Room is a multipurpose venue that can accomodate wedding parties venue in addition to conferences and seminars at the beach front.
You can also experience the ocean breeze by opening all the windows and will have full access to the beach front.

Mice event brochure is available(PDF)


Number of occupants can divided for use: Red: 2 / 3 hall (Shell A) buffet 120, Blue: 1 / 3-hall (Shell B) buffet 60.


Depending on the prefered layout, maximum number of attendees will vary.

Buffet 230
Dinner 330
Theater 521
School 273


  • Shell Beach Banquet Room

    Shell Beach Banquet Room

    Max Capacity 450 persons

  • Pool Side Banquet

    Pool Side Banquet

    Max Capacity 50 persons

  • Beach Garden Banquet

    Beach Garden Banquet

    Max Capacity 500 persons

  • Garden Party

    Garden Party

    Max Capacity 500 persons

Outside Catering

For any event which might be planned outside of the resort we provide a range of options.A variety of different cuisines, themes, set-ups, entertainment and more can be offered at any time and at any place.

Some examples of outside catering locations / venues are
◆Churaumi Aquarium, one of world’s largest aquariums featuring mantas and whale sharks
◆Bankoku Shinryokan, utilized by Global Leaders G8 Summit Meeting on Okinawa

  • Bankoku Shinryokan
  • Churaumi Aquarium


  • Conference Room 2/3

    Shell A

    Max Capacity 147 persons

  • Conference Room 1/3

    Shell B

    Max Capacity 72 persons


Unforgettable Experiences.
To make events most memorable our resort offer a selection of special experiences, such as Fireworks, Cultural experiences theme set-ups and more.

Beach Olympics in Manza Beach

Beach Olympics games at Manza Beach Resort create a most dynamic, challenging, fun and stimulating team building environment.
Various activities can simultaneously be done at our beach zone, without a doubt a stronger cohesive team spirit will be generated through the activities performed within our beautiful natural environment.

“Haarii” Dragon Boat Race use Okinawa’s traditional fishing boats. The Haarii boat does not go straight if not all 11 people keep perfect rhythm with each other, especially turning is challenging and requires great teamwork. Okinawa No.1 annual Haarii Boat Race on Okinawa the “Governor Flag Race” has been held annually for the past 31 years at our Manza Beach.
Menu example: ●Haarii Boat Race ●Beach Flag ●Beach Soccer ●Treasure Hunt ●Tug-War

  • Beach Soccer

    Beach Soccer

  • Haarii Boat Race

    Haarii Boat Race

  • Activity Relay

    Activity Relay

  • Portball


Contact Information

  • 【Okinawa Office】
    ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort


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