Surrounded by a coral reef and pristine national park

The biggest challenge of your stay will be deciding whether to stay inside and relax, or head out and explore.

Standout features are our world-class facilities and impressive location – with private access to the picturesque sandy beaches and clear blue ocean that surrounds us

Map & Directions

Easily access to Naha airport and the city center

Taxi, car rental
Available. Duration approximately 60-80 minutes from Naha airport.

Airport Limousine Bus
Take the Naha Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal Building Bus Stop and get off at ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort. About 100 minutes.

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Okinawa Airport Shuttle
Naha Airport Terminal to Nabee Beach (Onna-son Community Center) : Duration about 90 minutes. * About 15 minutes walk from the bus stop to hotel.

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Guide to the resort main building

Okinawa Guide

Recommended nearby attractions that can be conveniently access from our resort

Manza Beach

A beautiful private beach located in a pristine national park. It’s the perfect spot to unwind, soak up the sun, dine or enjoy beach activities


Cape Manzamo

This scenic rock formation is a must-visit spot for both Japanese and international travelers. Cape Manza or Manzamo means ‘a field for 10,000 people to sit.