We gathered questions you would like to receive from customers

Q&A : About the Room

Where can I smoke?

There is a smoking place in front of a convenience store on the 1st floor of the hotel building for smoking place. In addition to that, we also have an ashtray in the designated place outside the building. In addition, it is possible to smoke the ‘Bar Wavy’ lobby floor of the hotel building.

Where is the ice machine?

The ice machine is on the first floor of the see-through elevator.
Please use the ice pale in your room.

Can I use the Internet in my room?

Even at ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort, you can use the LAN connection service or the Wi-fi always-on connection service (LAN cable with 1 in the room, please bring your PC).
Please select ‘InterContinental’ from the network setting and activate the Internet browser.
Since the authentication screen is displayed, click ‘Connect Me’. When the official website of the hotel is displayed, connection to the Internet is completed.

In the public space as well, please use at the resort center (lobby floor) freely because there are four personal computers that can connect to the Internet. Also, you can use the Internet using Wi-Fi in the hotel room around Atrium (the room will not reach).
※Resort Center PC can be used for free, but you can not connect your customer’s PC connected to the LAN port. Also, there is no mail sending / receiving function.

Are there amenities such as shampoo and rinse in the room?

Shampoo · Rinse · Boty Soap (pump type) · Toothbrush · Shower cap · Hair brush · Hair dryer · Shaving · Cotton swab etc are available.
It changes slightly depending on the type of room

Is there a flush bidet toilet in the toilet?

Yes, all rooms are equipped with hot water washing toilet seat.