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Urumo Spa

Once upon a time, Okinawa, surrounded by Churaumi, ‘beautiful sea’, was called an island of Uru, ‘corals’ by the local Okinawans. With eternally crystal clear seawater, mysterious and majestic Churaumi has been purified and grown by the balance with Uru.

Uru balance life force in the seawater and it is in fact the source of Thalassotherapy, Mo, (literally ‘marine algae’), which embraces us with the grace of sea.  Churaumi, Uru and Thalassotherapy, Mo, are what purify us from the inside out, revitalize and bring back Yasuragi or Yonna, Okinawan tranquility and peacefulness to us.  As Uru and Mo take care of balance of life in the seawater, at urumo Spa, we cordially take care of your body balance to the best condition.

We have been nominated for the “World Luxury Spa Award” for the sixth year in a row, which is selected by votes of spa users and spa lovers, with the participation of selected spas from all over the world.

This year, we were awarded in three categories: Best Luxury Beach Resort Spa in East Asia, Best Luxury Island Resort Spa in East Asia, and Best Luxury Resort Spa in East Asia!



1st floor


14:30 – 23:00


14:30 – 21:30



SIGNATURE Churaumi Thalassotherapy


These programs reinsure the benefits of thalassotherapy’s natural healing method. With thalassotherapy products such as marine algae, rich in anti-aging and regenerative ingredients, the programs target mineralization, incorporating the blessings of the sea through marine sensation (to feel the ocean).

  • 90 mins 32,000 yen

This program targets recovery and regeneration of the optimum body. This program includes whole body detoxification and energy charge effectively done by Thalassotherapy.

  • 120 mins 42,000 yen

This program is urumo Spa standard program. Holistic Thalassotherapy purifies your body from the inside out, charging energy and bringing peacefulness.

  • 150 mins 53,000 yen

This signature program is perfect for you to enjoy every essence of urumo Spa Thalassotherapy.


manza21.10A 80

Great Spa Duo treatment room is available for friends or couples. Rooms are limited. Earlier booking is recommended.

  • 60 mins×2 people 37,000 yen  

Your choice of Balancing Relaxed Body or Brightening Facial

  • 90 mins×2 people 57,000 yen

Your choice of Body(Balancing Relaxed Body or Lymph Drainage Body or Men’s Relax
Body )


manza21.10A 81

We offer three menus for body treatment.

|60 mins|Whole Back+Shoulders+Head

|90 mins|Whole Body

|120 mins|Whole Body+Customized

  • 60 mins|18,500 yen  90 mins|27,500 yen  120 mins|37,500 yen  

Bring your inner “Chi” balance to the best condition and enjoy the comfortable rhythm to the deep relaxation in body and mind.

  • 60 mins|19,500 yen  90 mins|28,500 yen  120 mins|38,500 yen

Deep pressures and strong strokes along with thermal therapy slowly but affectively release body stiffness. Highly recommended for those are sensitive to cold and/or prefer a stronger touch.

  • 60 mins|19,500 yen  90 mins|28,500 yen  120 mins|38,500 yen  

This treatment in the direction of lymph flow will make you feel light and lean. Highly recommended for those are sensitive to cold and/or with edema. Female guests only


This maternity program can be safely used by expecting mothers.

Mother holding tiny foot of newborn baby
  • 60 mins|19,500 yen  90 mins|28,500 yen

Focusing on the legs and back with pain and fatigue, whole body treatment safely takes place at the best position for a pregnant guest.

  • 60 mins 18,500 yen

This facial balances skin moisture level to bring healthy youthful skin that tends to be delicate during pregnancy.

  • 90 mins 31,500 yen

Maternity Body + Maternity Facial

* For guests that are 20 weeks pregnant or over only. Please consult your doctor in advance.


manza21.10A 82

We recommend the Men’s menu for male guests.

|60 mins|Whole Back+Shoulders+Head

|90 mins|Whole Body

  • 60 mins|19,500yen  90 mins|28,500 yen   

Deep pressures release tensions affectively, based on men’ s proportions and muscles.

  • 60 mins|18,500 yen   

Based on the male skin condition, this facial balances sebum and hydration level to bring clean and clear skin.


ALGOTHERM, a French expert brand in marine cosmetics with longest history in this field, was born
in the Iroise Sea, a UNESCO biosphere reserve with a mission over 55 years to master the ocean’s
richness and push their knowledge further on its treasury of life for the benefit and the beauty of our
skin. Its skincare products feature marine active ingredients with component that are designed to
work for specific skin issues.


|60 mins|Basic (Exfoliating + Drainage + Mask)

|75 mins|Basic + Lift-up care

|90 mins|Basic + Lift-up care + Neck & Décolleté + Back

  • 60 mins|18,500 yen   

Our exclusive drainage technique and active ingredients bring natural clarity, radiance and glow to your skin while removing dead skin cells and melanin with scrubs.

  • 75 mins|24,500 yen   

This treatment focuses on revitalization of your skin and our firming mask helps you have sharper and youthful facial lines.

  • 90 mins|29,500 yen 

This treatment works on various skin-aging signs with peeling and mask for professional salon use and brings elasticity for plump and youthful impression to your skin.


307 (1)
  • 60 mins 17,500 yen   

A treatment from the sole to the calf stress point center. It is recommended for those who are concerned about fatigue and swelling legs.

  • 45 mins 16,500 yen
    Foot & Head

*Please be noted that we do not accept under 12 years children.
*Please use the teen ager treatment on the menu for over 12 years old and under 18 years old.

Optional Menu

  • 30 mins 12,000 yen 

Recommended to soften the tension or swollen legs.

  • 30 mins 12,000 yen 

Recommended to soften the tension of the head and deeply relax.

  • 30 mins 12,000 yen 

Highly recommended when you feel tired or swollen skin.

  • 30 mins 10,000 yen

Prices include tax and 13% service charge

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urumo Spa Terms and Conditions

■Business Hours
Treatment 14:30~23:00 Last call 21:30 (Priority for guests with reservations)

Please arrive at your appointment time. Please acknowledge that lateness by the guest will result in a reduction of the treatment time whilst the full treatment fee will apply. The total duration time is 30 more minutes for the counseling and dressing in addition to the treatment time.

■Spa Customers
We offer treatments for both men and women.

Our spa treatments are priority for guests with reservations. Please call, email us, visit us or ask the hotel front desk, beforehand to make reservations and/or for inquiries during our business hours. Please feel free to contact us for same-day appointments.

Please kindly notify us for cancellations or changes by 21:00 the day before your appointment. Failure to do so may result in a 100% cancellation fee.

Communication with our guests is highly valued at our spa. If you have questions regarding menus or do not know which menu is suitable, please feel free to ask our therapists for a consultation. If you have a special request, please inform us in advance when making a reservation.

■Health Condition
Please inform us if you have any medical conditions, including being on your period, allergies, high blood pressure, on medication, having had alcohol, sunburn or special needs/attention such as being pregnant or breastfeeding when making a reservation. Depending on your health condition, your treatment may be refused or modified.

■Personal Belongings/Valuables
Lockers are not available at our spa. Please keep your belongings and valuables in the safety deposit box at hotel front desk or in your room. Please acknowledge that our hotel/spa cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your personal belongings/valuables.

■Spa Shop

Both hotel guests and visitors are welcomed to visit and shop at our spa Shop.

■Spa Etiquette
Our spa is a place of tranquility and relaxation. Please respect the silence and privacy of other spa guests by refraining from using cell phones/cameras in our spa. Smoking is prohibited. Our spa reserves the right to refuse service or discontinue service to anyone demonstrating behavior that is perceived to be inappropriate by any member of our staff and/or other guests.

The treatments are not medical treatments. The results will vary accordingly to the individual



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